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News to 07/21/03

O.K WHAT'S GOING ON !? I Don't Know , honestly. I don't have any recents news about her ... sorry for the fans but I received an e-mail of Ashley today , she will send me some infos as soon as possible. Don't forget . If you have some news about Ashley or any comments , my e-mail is on the top of the page.

Somebody asked me this little question « Why do you build this website?». I aswered « Because Ashley is talented and she deserve to be recognized. I know, this is not an official website ... I don't care... just want her to be see by her fans. »

You know informations about Ashley are very difficult to find over the Internet , so I'm sorry for those who didn't find what they want on this site and thank you to encourage me in my search.

There is lot to tell about Ashley. You surely wonder why she left The young and the Restless soap. I have the answer! It's Simple she wants to do some films. It's so great no! :o) That's why I put a camera on the front page. She made seven films until now / The Fire Next Time (1993) / She fought alone (1995) / Our Son , The Matchmaker (1996) / Carriers (1998) / The King's Guard (2000) /Devil's Prey (2001) and Old School (2003).

If it is the first time that you come on this site take time to sign her guestbook and don’t forget to go on her Yahoo! Fan Club. Thank you! The Webmaster

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