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News to 14/03/01

Somebody asked me this little question « Why do you build this website?». I aswered « Because Ashley is talented and she deserve to be recognized. I know, this is not an official website ... I don't care... just want her to be see by her fans. »

There is lot to tell about Ashley. You surely wonder why she left The young and the Restless soap. I have the answer! It's Simple she wants to do some films. It's so great no! :o) That's why I put a camera on the front page. She made only one film until now / The Fire Next Time. Click Here to learn more about this movie

I created a new poll / Vote right now!


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A film reel; Actual size=240 pixels wide

... walking on the red carpet at the Premiere of Thirteen Days. Don’t be anxious!! We'll see her again on this famous carpet!